About Us

International Affairs established in 2002 specialises in the musical sector of entertainment and its founders have been involved in the music industry long before its inception. The company is made up of 2 main arms consisting of its Agency and a Events department and now started with their own shop

International Affairs has grown steadily over the last 5 years and now prides its self on delivering up to date mainstream talent across Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

From working with new talent and established artists for over a decade (even if we did have to wait outside the tour buses once upon a time!), we work honestly and diligently to instil a level of trust with fresh talent and experienced artists. We continually strive to maintain and re-assure artists, management, agents and all influential industry affiliates we can consistently deliver. This allows us to sustain our position at the forefront of European entertainment and pass on the benefits to our trusted clients.

Because we have such a close relationship with our clients and travel all over the world we saw the opportunity to start our own shop were we can provide our own brand but also brands from our partners on one platform.

Working with International Affairs will give both clients and artist confidence in delivering on all accounts. Our objective is to create long lasting relationships with leading partners in their regions. We believe this will lead to successful tours and events for years to come.

Besides our main core with the North American artists International affairs specialises in dancer/deejay agency and event productions (small and large events). Our motto is where other stops International Affairs will go.. No limit is too high..